Mental Health Nursing Essay

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Nursing practice has revolutionized itself throughout the years. Today we realize the causes of current illnesses as complex and multifaceted (source). In past models, for instance the medical model, the approach was straightforward and neglected the patients active involvement in their care; the patient was viewed as the passive recipient and the doctor, an active agent that “fixed” their patients. ( source). New developed models since then, such as the biopsychosocial model, show us that care focuses on many factors. The model demonstrates understanding of how suffering, disease, and illness can be associated by many factors seen at the different levels in society and the medical sciences (source). Caring for each component is …show more content…
An illustration of the holistic approach can be seen in the humanistic and interactional perspective. The two views show the importance of blending both physical and mental factors. The humanistic view allows us to see and understand the “theory of life” based on highlighted premises such as the human being mind invisibly connected to the human body (source). This specific premise shows us the mind- body relationship in holistic view. The interactionism view allows us to see …… An understanding of the two views can demonstrated
Application of the holistic approach can be seen in the Biopsychosocial model used today in psychiatric and mental health nursing. The interdependent domains, biological (physical functioning), psychological (thoughts feelings and, behavior), and social (influence from family and communities) all come together with each having its own knowledge and treatment focus for the patient (source pg. 70). According to Stainback and Stainback (1988), holistic portrayal of events, procedures, and viewpoints in settings is often considered necessary to make accurate situational decisions. The approach helps to better understand the needs of patients so accurate care can be given. Therefore, when caring for a patient with a mental health illness, using a model such as the Biopsychosocial model is a good framework to reflect a good understanding of recognizing human beings
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