Mental Health Occurrences That Affect An Individual

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First of all, to have a better understanding for this forum relating to mental health occurrences that affect an individual 's health and wellness, I would like to start the definition of mental health, mental illness, and mental disorder. Mental health is an individual with exuberant cognitive functioning in participation with activities, adaptation with changes, recover with any problems and difficulties, able to fulfill relationship and have a sense of well-being (Crist, McVay & Marocco, n.d.). Mental illness is identifiable irrational thinking or reasoning distinguishable with an altered mental status that is related to debility and afflictions (Crist, McVay & Marocco, n.d.). Mental disorder is any mental imbalance that exhibit in…show more content…
Census in 1993 performed by NCHS found out that among all age groups, elderly male Caucasians have the greatest suicidal rate in the United States (NCHS, 1993). Elderly patients have suffered from major depression may be attributed to change in their lifestyle, or home environment, the death of loved ones and others. Aging adults are susceptible as youngsters of the most general mental health disorder in our society which is depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse (Kelley, 2003). There are two forms of identifying an individual with a depression disorder. Major depression — is an uncompromising manifestation that is affecting to perform an individual 's daily activity such as sleep, eat, exercise, work, and other leisure activities. The occurrences could be once or more than once of a person 's lifelong (NIMH, n.d.). . Persistent depressive disorder— is a melancholy that last for at least two years. It may have a significant occurrence of depression along with an interval of minor symptoms but must last for two years (NIMH, n.d.) Some forms of depression are slightly different, or they may develop under unique circumstances. They include: Psychotic depression - a person who is presenting with hallucinations that are unusual occurrences with some insanity such as an individual 's perception in the absence of a
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