Mental Health Of The United States

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In the United States, there are 25% of adults who are diagnosed with a mental illness and it is predicted that 50% of the adult population will develop a mental illness within their lifetime; 8-9% of the adult population in Florida is diagnosed with depression (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Promotion, awareness, and the availability of mental health services are public health areas in my community that needs attention. The needs of my community are not entirely met, and there are inconsistencies when addressing mental health illness through mental health screenings and routine/follow up appointments. There are some people who are not getting the necessary medical attention, and are therefore are unproductive and unaware of where they can help and what help is actually available to them. The number of adults that report that they have good mental health has decreased since the last Orange County community health assessment of 2007-2010; over 30% of the population ranks their overall mental health as good, fair, or poor, with the severely mentally ill accounting for almost 2400 members of our homeless population (, 2012). 30 % of the population may seem like a small number when it compares to the other 70 percent of individuals who reported having great to excellent mental health, but I think more can be done to meet the needs of the 30%. There are several places for individuals seeking primary care services, and they often come in the
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