Mental Health Reflection Essay

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During the first week of October 2017, Humber College hosted a Mental Health Week and invited students from all across the campus to attend. This event hosted multiple short presentations all throughout the week with one simple purpose in mind; To introduce students to the importance of mental health, by allowing them to explore different options deal with their anxiety, stress and depression that they may face as a student at Humber College. There was a large variety of events taking place, ranging from Art Therapy all the way to a Mental Health Run. It offered every student with something they may be interested in. The end goal of the week was to introduce students to new or creative way to deal with mental issues. I personally attended three events which were the “Friendship Bench Dedication”, “Cognitive Behavior Therapy Workshop” and the “Stress & Wellness Check-up”. On October, 2nd 2017, there were a couple events that took place throughout the day. The first event I attended was the “Friendship Bench Dedication” held at 11:30 in the G building. It was a short presentation, only lasting a couple minutes, involving a lecture and the unveiling of the Friendship Bench located in front of the YHG building. The lecture was primarily on the introduction of mental health, the Friendship Bench, and its significance in our campus. The bench was designed to assist students with their mental health by encouraging students to communicate amongst each other and discuss issues that
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