Mental Health Risks Within The Young Adult Population Essay

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Researchers in Europe and Asia have found an association between family size and suicide through population-level research (Kemppainen, et. al., 1999; Chen, et. al., 2013; and Riordan, Morris, Hattie, & Stark, 2012); however, research on other mental health risks such as suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and depression are not as thoroughly researched in relation to family size, and none of the previous research was conducted through cross-sectional surveys. This research was often conducted by looking at birth and death records. In addition, the results of the previous research are, in many cases, outdated and cannot be applied to the U.S. population. The objective of this research study is to examine these mental health risks within the young adult population through a mixed-methods approach, through a cross-section survey of individuals ages 18-29 and by accessing data on patients hospitalized for depression, suicidal ideation, or suicide attempts from inpatient psychiatric facilities. Samples will be taken from Minnesota counties with average family sizes that are larger than the Minnesota state average, in an attempt to recruit participants from unusually large families. Within these two samples, risks will be compared between male and female young adults. If family size is associated with these mental health risks, clinicians can better screen patients within larger families to identify potential need for intervention. Section 1: Background
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