Mental Health Scenario

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NSB223 - Case Study

This Case Study will be undertaken as a group activity and is designed to deepen your knowledge about mental illnesses, and to test your understanding about the nursing care of people suffering from such conditions. It will also assist you to express your ideas through class presentation and in writing.

You as a small group of 3-4 students are asked to choose one of the following scenarios and answer the questions listed below. The manner in which you as a group choose to present your case study is up to groups consensus. What is important is that your address each of the criteria listed on the Criteria Reference Assessment sheet.

As you will be working in groups each groups is required to complete a groups
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His parents report that over the past week Cormac has become increasingly withdrawn, agitated and irritable. He has not been to work. They also report that he ceased his medication at least 6 weeks ago and has been smoking marijuana.

The nurse notices that he has a beard, his long, blonde hair is greasy and matted, and he has a washcloth on his head; his clothes are crushed and stained; he is very thin and he avoids eye contact. When interviewed by the nurse Cormac is cooperative. His replies are brief; often not relevant to the question asked and usually given in a monotonous tone. He is unable to remain seated in his chair for very long. He shows little emotion when relating his story, but sometimes laughs for no apparent reason. He says he has stopped taking his medication because he felt tired all the time, had a dry mouth, and had trouble passing urine. While being interviewed it is noted that Cormac’s lips occasionally move silently as if he is talking to someone and that he turns his head as if to hear someone speaking. When asked whether he can hear someone, he admits that he can hear “strangers talking about me.” He also says the “voices are real, they’re not in my mind.” He is oriented to time, place and person.

Two years ago Cormac had his first admission to a psychiatric hospital, which was precipitated by a relationship breakdown. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, hospitalised for three weeks and stabilised on Olanzapine.

Since then he
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