Mental Health Service Evaluation Case Study

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Service evaluation can be a positive experience if used correctly. Many funders of Mental Health services want to ensure quality assurance and that the service is capturing a large and diverse part of Canada population, in the most cost effective way possible. They have developed a frame work in which they want the service providers to incorporate in their programs which can lead to consistency and set up a standard level care for it member agencies, which is a good thing. The results that these funders get from data from the service providers can help in creating future framework for the vision of mental health services which can create “continuous improvement” in the system. Unfortunately, the problem with data collection and evaluation programs at this level is that the funders are usually looking at funding these agencies at the bare minimum level. They will used the success of these programs as a way of reducing funding until the programs are no longer…show more content…
The Data/ evaluation works as a great visual tool for communication especially if tweak one or two piece of the program to see if the changes are more successful than the old. Sometimes at the service levels the agencies are too busy using the data as way of showing that the organization is doing a good job or as way to prove that they being accountable that they forget the real reason of the evaluation is to improve the quality of life who they are serving. Evaluation and Data is only good if it improves the quality of the life of the individual. In saying this, the individual must be involved right from the beginning in helping the support staff to design what is going to be evaluation, how this is going to work and when will it take place. If you don’t have the individual buy in from the start, the data result will at best be marginal or at its worst
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