Mental Health Services At The Detention Hospital

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In the Provision of Mental Health Services at the Detention Hospital in Guantanamo Bay article, it covers the treatment of detainees and the use of mental health officials in the military setting. The American Psychological Association questions whether it is ethical for psychologists to participate in nontraditional clinical activities. The detainees of Guantanamo Bay are sent to officials through a referral process and are provided with multiple psychological and psychiatric therapies. The purpose of this study, was to address the situation at Guantanamo Bay and show that detainees is treated with the best possible care. The treatment of detainees are an important thing, because these individuals are humans and have rights, despite what they are accused of participating in. In my opinion, I think that it is ethical for psychologists and psychiatrist to work in this nontraditional setting, as long their motives are to the detainee and not the towards the agenda of the military. One thing that was mentioned multiple times in the article was that the mental health officials did not partake in any of the interrogation settings and if a detainee was unfit to be interrogated then they were not interviewed, and I think this concept is for the best. The only problem that I do have with this program is not knowing how much oversight that the military has over the officials and their care, and if it is really possible to keep these two aspects separately. One way that detainees are…

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