Mental Health Stigma Essay

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1.0 Introduction The purpose of this business brief is to examine mental health stigmas and how they could affect Royal Comfort Hotel’s employee management and relations. It will also be examined whether any support systems should be implemented, to try to break down these stigmas 2.0 Analysis of Mental Health Stigmas 2.1 Summary In an article by the University of Pennsylvania, it is discussed how mental health stigmas are negatively affecting workplace relations and performance (University of Pennsylvania, 2015, para 1). One stigma discussed is that people tend to believe that there is a link between mental illness and violence. The American New England Journal of Medicine found that 71% of the people surveyed would be uncomfortable working…show more content…
In Australia, nearly half (45%) of people will suffer with a mental disorder at some stage in their life (SANE Australia, 2014, para 11). Previously, it was presumed that mental illnesses develop outside the workplace; however this has been debunked, as an unhealthy work environment can lead to stress, or aggravate a pre-existing mental illness (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2010). Therefore, Royal Comfort Hotel’s must examine if the current workplace environment is happy and healthy, as an average of 3.2 days per worker is lost each year due to workplace stress (Medibank Private, 2008). Current research shows that Australian businesses lose over $6.5 billion each year, because of failure to provide intervention and treatment for employees with mental health conditions (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2010). Although Royal Comfort Hotel’s can’t afford any preventable losses of money. It is recommended that the Human Resources department should create a mental health scheme, to prevent and maintain workers with mental health issues. This would break down the barriers of stigma, as Royal Comfort is actively encouraging employees to talk about mental illness. Research shows that senior managers believe that no employees will experience a mental health problem at work. This is a dangerous assumption, as it can judgement of how workers are actually feeling (Hilton et al.,2008) 3.0
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