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Mental Health in Carrianne K.Y Leung’s The Wondrous Woo In Carrianne K.Y. Leung’s The Wondrous Woo a large majority of the characters are affected by psychological problems and encounter mental breakdowns. Certain mental health issues are portrayed more openly than others, while others are hinted at, but never entirely developed. Leung’s protagonist Miramar is challenged by eating disorders and her mental health in general, Sophia lies compulsively to make her life seem more appealing to others, while their mother suffers from attacks of paranoia, for which she is hospitalized. Miramar’s love interest in the novel, Mouse, also struggles with his mental health and complex family dynamics. Secondary characters as well suffer from mental…show more content…
Ba’s death may have cause Ma to stop taking her medications regularly, as her caregiver died with Ba, and the children were unaware of the mothers true mental state. Dr. Pang notifies Miramar of her mother’s condition, saying, “She suffers from episodes of panic attacks and depression. The hallucinations may be related to some kind of trauma” (116). It is reasonable to assume that Ma’s hallucinations stem from the death of Ba, which is solidified in the ending of the novel when she visits the intersection where her husband was killed. Although Ma’s mental health issues had been present for longer than her husbands passing, his death definitely amplified her already unstable mental state. Despite the negative aspects of Ba’s death, his love for Chinese New Year brought the family together as a new tradition. However, these New Years celebrations would often end in tension and fights between the children and Ma. Miramar, Sophia and Darwin all lost their father, yet the repercussions seem to more greatly affect Sophia and Miramar, not so much Darwin. All of the children deal with Ba’s death differently, although Sophia and Darwin are given “gifts” to help them with the process. With Darwin’s gift of music, he is able to travel to London, England and avoid truly grieving his father’s death. Sophia becomes a math genius at McGill, but still struggles with the loss of her father and acts out by fighting with Ma

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