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Mental Health Worksheet

Watch the Films on Demand video, “Wounded Platoon,” located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

Write at least 175-word responses to each of the following instructions. Your responses must be in complete sentences and use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

|Describe in detail the types of mental health problems experienced by those who serve in the military, as illustrated in the video. |
|The most common types of mental health problems experience by those who serve in the military, as illustrated in the video are |
|post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction, and paranoia. Each veteran/ enlisted man seemed to suffer one or all
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Counseling best fits the public health model because this model focuses on|
|mental disorders as they effect the individual and the society. Assimilation back into civilization would best fit in the human service |
|model because this is where focus is high on the interaction between an individual and their environment. If more veterans were assimilated |
|back into civilization at a slow rate instead of just being thrown back it I feel they would have a better chance at succeeding at being a |
|civilian. Lastly there is anonymous support lines which would best fit with both public health and human service models because if not only |
|would it help prevent a problem through supporting activities but it would also help with the interaction between the veteran and society. I|
|feel that if a veteran has somewhere he/she could call into they would have a higher chance of communicating what is really going on with |
|them without the fear of being looked at as less than a person. This would then give a counselor a chance to either talk the veteran down or|
|convince them to go to a counselor and get the help they need. I know all 3 of these are services that are provided to our military but I |
|think that the way they are presented makes a military person feel like they would be judged or looked down on if they

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