Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

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Mental health and the criminal justice system have long been intertwined. Analyzing and understanding the links between these two subjects demands for a person to go in to depth in the fields of criminology, sociology, psychology, and psychiatry, because there are many points of view on whether or not a person’s criminal behavior is due to their mental health. Some believe that an unstable mental state of mind can highly influence a person’s decision of committing criminal actions. Others believe that mental health and crime are not related and that linking them together is a form of discrimination because it insinuates that those in our society that suffer from poor mental health are most likely to become a criminal due to their…show more content…
According to a study the department of psychiatric in the university of Texas health science center. at Houston, 112 criminals were assessed and it determined that with in that group the criminals action is related to ASPD (anti social personality disorder) symptoms, a recurrent and predominately manic course of illness, and bipolar disorder. There are many articles that such as " Occurrence of psychiatric disorder in county jail population", that because of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. Can greatly influence violent criminal behavior because of the sever mood changes the illness can cause to the suffer. There are some differences between a normal criminal and a criminal that suffers from a mental illness in the criminal justice system. For example one of the many fundamentals to our criminal justice system is the principle that no one can be tried or adjudged to punishment while mentally incompetent. Trials for mentally unstable people have been modified and are run by different guidelines. Unlike a regular convict, most mentally unstable convicts are unable to comprehend or are unable to complete a trial. Once a convict with a mental illness is convicted or awaiting trail their every medical need must be accommodated within the faculty and it's staff. Without the proper medical care a person with mental illness can become
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