Mental Health is Working on Issues that have Roots in the Mind

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There are many aspects of mental health that should be considered when working in the field of social work. One major aspect of mental illness the personal definition of mental illness, because it impacts any biases that may be held. Personal biases shape reactions and may impact the success of treatment if a client falls within the biases. There is also the impact of how society views mental illness also can stop those who have mental illness from receiving the support they need.
When thinking about mental health what comes to mind is that it is such a vague term. My idea of what mental health is working on issues that have roots in the mind. It could be anything from eating disorders, hoarding, emotional issues that cause behavioral issues and mental disorders such as manic depressive and depression. I feel that mental health is working to stabilize those who need that extra help to achieve success. Working with people who may deal with the issues listed above is involved in mental health for example working those who have eating disorders to find the cause of why they feel the way they do about themselves or working with those who hoard and finding the underlying issues that cause them to feel attached to object and work through that issue. While I have my personal ideas on what mental health is I do have some bias that will have to be worked through. There are very few personal biases that I have concerning mental illness. Most of my biases deal with those that do…