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Outline Thesis sentence: Understanding of problems encountered by human of mental hygiene and by practitioners involved in the promotion of mental hygiene. I - Mental Hygiene A. Meaning and Aim B. Importance of Mental Hygiene C. Aspects of Mental Hygiene II – Mental Health A. Meaning of Mental Health B. Early Signs of Failing Mental Health C. Characteristics of People with Good Mental Health D. Educational System for Mental Health III- Effects of Unhealthy Mental Hygiene A. Some Effects of Unhealthy Mental Hygiene B. Mental Disorder C. Mental Illness V – Historical Survey of Mental Hygiene in the Philippines A. Mental Hygiene in the Philippines B. Mental Hygiene Problem in the Philippines Introduction This research discussed about the…show more content…
In the process, one’s strength and weakness are assed, and attitude that help maintain a balanced perspective on healthful living, mentally and physically are developed (Mc Conell, 1983). The task of influencing human adjustment toward the promotion of mental health can be achieved through the following ways: the preventive approach, the therapeutic or ameliorative approach and the curative approach (Gaerlan, et al., 2008). Preventive approach of mental hygiene is concerned with staying away from mental disturbances that may lead to real psychoses. This approach begins at home and school (Tria, 2005).According to Gaerlan, et al. it also include the establishment of a wholesome parent-child relationship, and a school environment conducive to the development of the child’s interest and inherent capacities. As well, in the information program regarding the causes of mental illness so as to initiate appropriate prophylactic measures against them. Prophylactic hygiene is the as the preventive approach. It aims to develop well-adjusted personalities through wholesome environmental influences that will enable people to attain emotional maturity. For example, warm, accepting and affectionate parents create healthy interpersonal relations that help produce happy, well-adjusted children. Some individuals still develop minor behavioral maladjustment. For example, there are some students who receive early training at home and study in respectable high standard schools, yet become

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