Mental Illness And Depression And Anxiety

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A mental disorder is a disease that can cause mild to severe disturbances or impairments in behavior or mental wellbeing. These effects may result in the inability of the individual to effectively cope with the demands and pressures of everyday life. There are more than 200 types of different mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, dementia, and schizophrenia, among many others. However, in this paper the main focus will be placed on depression and anxiety.
Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety have been attributed to several factors such as excessive stress, genetic predisposition, biochemical imbalances, and even sociocultural status. As with other diseases, mental illnesses are often manifested through a combination of physical as well as emotional symptoms.
Throughout life, we will all experience sadness and anxiety as a result of the stresses of life. This is a normal response to the different hardships that we might encounter in life. Tragedies such as getting fired from a job, getting a divorce, losing a loved one, or having any other form of disappointment can cause the person who is experiencing the hardship to feel sad, scared, lonely, or even hopeless. Even though these feelings are normal responses to difficult situations which are typically resolved with time, some people unexplainably experience these feelings daily, making it difficult and almost impossible to function. Often times these people may be experiencing depression, an anxiety…
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