Mental Illness And Media Violence Analysis

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The article begins by stating that the country has concentrated their efforts on gun control and have forgotten about mental illness. A perspective on mental illness is given by a mother who has a son that suffers from mental illness. She explains how 3 days before Adam Lanza murdered his mother, she was arguing with his son about his pants. 13-year-old Michael (name changed) insulted her mother about what color of pants he could wear. Michael was supposed to wear either black or khaki pants. However, he insisted on wearing navy blue pants and cursed his mom about it.
A few weeks before the pants incident, something more terrifying happened. Michael threatened to kill his mom and siblings. Michaels mom managed to take the knife Michael was holding; afterwards she collected all sharp objects in order to avoid another incident. However, Michael kept threatening his mother. This event ended up with Michael going to the ER in order for him to calm down.
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She does not wish for her son to be in prison. She knows that the environment would make her son go crazy. However, she is conscious that something needs to be done about her child. A problem that needs a solution but has not gotten as much attention as it should have nationwide.
Mental illness it’s a serious problem among US citizens. The media centralizes the importance of gun control. However, the mental illness problem has been forgotten. Most of the murders by gun were made by mentally ill people. The government wants to make a mental check in order for someone to obtain a gun. Nonetheless, that only restricts the people who try to get a gun legally. It would be better for society to try to eradicate the problem from it’s roots by giving more support to mentally ill people. Nobody can assure that this would work, but at least we could say we tried to
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