Mental Illness And Mental Disorders

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Mental illness; the term has increasingly become mainstream, as seen on the television, newspapers, and twitter. Shortly after the fatal shooting of a new screw in Virginia the word got around that the gunman had shown symptoms of a mental condition. A mental disorder is prolonged dysfunction in thoughts behavior and/or emotions that significantly deviates from common human behavior. During his life This individual was never diagnosed of this condition however after analysis of the terrible shooting and other events which led to the shooting showed major disturbance of his mind. With the recent advancement of psychology, the once underlying and difficult to interpret conditions have been exposed and step are being taken to overcome mental disorders. However, there is still debate of how mental disorders are viewed in the community and when thinking outside the norm turns into a mental condition. In the case of the Virginia shooter some analyst argued that the shooter was mentally well with wrong morals whereas some argued in favor of the existence of a mental condition. Taking a look at the major life events preceding the shooting, an insight into his mental health can be used to determine type of disorder he might have had. For instance, he had recently been fired from the same news agency for misconduct and many complains which had been filed against him. His Facebook and Twitter accounts showed that he felt out of control of his life, stress of losing a job and a lot of…
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