Mental Illness And Mental Health Essay

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Mental health is being successful in doing mental functions resulting in being able to form relationships with other people, getting things done and having the ability to work around problems and stress. Your mental health can affect how you think, act and feel. Over the years of your life, your mental health is shaped by the events that you have experienced such as abuse or trauma. Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body. Conversely, just like how you can get a disease physically, you can get one mentally. This is known as mental illness. Mental illness, is a range of illnesses that affects your psychological and emotional well-being. When our minds are affected by a mental illness, usually all parts of the body are affected. It can be given through genetics or trauma/abuse in your lifetime. Some signs of mental illness can be shown if, they have low or no energy, they feel strangely angry, upset, worried, confused or scared. There are different types of mental illnesses. Anxiety and panic disorders, bipolar disorder and eating disorder are just a few of the entire list of illnesses. There are a lot of discrimination and stigma towards people with mental illness, especially people with schizophrenia who are labeled as “crazy”. Schizophrenia is possibly one of the most infamous mental illness. Schizophrenia means split mind in ancient Greek basically meaning the shattering of thought processes. Unfortunately, a frequently used stereotype that

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