Mental Illness And Self Identity

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This issue is relevant because mental illness and self identity are starting to become a popular topic in our society. People are starting to realize that even though it may be a difficult subject to speak and learn about, it is important and should be addressed in our society. This issue is important because it helps people embrace who they are and learn about the issues instead of hating on themselves for being different and not knowing the real facts about the issue. If we do not learn how to treat mental illness and accept ourselves, we will never move forward in society and learn how to help others and ourselves with these topics. By learning more about these topics we can help our society grow, by discovering new ways to help people with these problems. We could decrease major issues in our society like mass shootings, and teen suicide. With this topic we can make our society more aware and inclusive of those with these issues.
Currently, mental health is a major topic in our society with mass shootings and major crises with our government because everyone says that the shooters were not in a good mental state, which made them do these terrible things. Self identity is also a current issue among many young people who do not know who they are and are still figuring it out. Teens who are not yet proud of their individualism blend into society and become a “brick in the wall” instead of an individual who values their unique qualities and culture. Today, these ideas are
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