Mental Illness And Substance Abuse Problem Essay

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Living with in poverty with a mental illness and a substance abuse problem is not an easy job. The struggles of life as well as a traumatic event can cause a person brain to malfunction. There is approximately 27 % of the United States population that fits the criteria for a mental illness. Mental illness, substance abuse, and poverty go hand and hand. However, health care providers call mental illness and substance use a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder when combined. Dual diagnosis is a very broad subject, not just one type of disorder. For instance, a person that has experienced a traumatic event in life and have continually relived it. This is called Post traumatic stress, which is an anxiety disorder. This can happen to a person that has be raped, in an accident, or witnessed or has been a victim of a violent crime, or even abused. The person will continue to relive the incident and every time they think about the incident they can become overwhelmed, anxious, with the same fear as they did when the incident took place. There are many problems that are associated with a person that has a dual disorder. For example, a person can suffer from major depression and not be able to resume a normal life. The symptoms of depression, anxiety and fear often appear maybe a few months after the traumatic event or even years later. Furthermore, people that have these traumatic experience may start to drink heavily or become addicted to illegal drugs. May scholars have

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