Mental Illness And The Broken Mental Health System

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perpetuated a negative interpretation of this population and could possibly cause those suffering with mental illness to be subject to random acts of violence. In recent years it must be mentioned that there have been some high profile cases involving incidents that have gained attention of the national level that has made us aware of mental illness and the connection of violence as a means to speak. Some of these events have opened old racial wounds, some have created fear that our children aren’t protected, and even the state officials and the White House is not exempt from those with mental illness to attack without provocation. It has become painfully There is much work to be done to help this population heal but also to live. PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO CORRECT THE ISSUE Discussing this topic at length have allowed different ideals to come to light that will aid in fixing the broken mental health system. My personal commitment to the issue is to reinvent the system. Change is the reinvention of a previous problem. There must be a reason for change something. The issue must become so great that open the eyes of others in order for the issue to look into.
The first thing that will help change the system is total privatization including hospitalization thus creating mental health system that functions like a regular medical health system. Previously constructed Institutions were too bulky and absorbed too much overhead. The mental health system can be localized
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