Mental Illness : Are They Noticed?

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Sam Ingram Ms. Biondi English 2 3 March 2015 Connections: Are They Noticed? Wake up in bed a man in a lab coat is above you moving it up your nose. That was a treatment they used on people. In the 1800’s people with mental disorders did not have any rights. They were caged, chained, and treated like animals. Mental illness is vital to know about because those who suffer from mental disorders were treated harshly and doing so did not help, people who treated them harsh did not understand what it is like to have the disorder, and it is not their fault they were born that way. Mental illness can affect different areas of the body. “Abnormal behavior or disturbing feelings, thoughts, or actions that interfere with with everyday functioning constitute mental illness” (“Mental Illness”). This means anything that someone does that someone would not normally do might be a cause of a mental illness. This affects things that someone would do on a day to day basis. “A specific abnormal behavior is referred to as a symptom” (“Mental Illness”). This can cause a person to create an irrational fear of what causes their abnormal behavior. Because of this a person would need to keep an eye on that person to help avoid the situation. Therefore since it was understood what a mental illness was they began to try and treat them. In the 1800’s, there were many different ways those who suffered from mental disorders were treated. Around 100 years ago, people who had some type of of mental
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