Essay about Mental Illness: Depression

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Depression is a mental health condition which is widely recognised as one of the most common conditions for which people seek and receive care. There are many specific nursing problems which are encompassed by the medical term “depression” and these include physical, cognitive and behavioural patterns. Successful treatments of depression are psychosocial interventions which aim to identify and challenge a depressed persons pessimistic attitudes and beliefs and which promote an individuals’ participation in rewarding activities in an attempt to reduce any negative behaviours. The aim of this essay is to identify specific nursing problems which are encompassed by the term “depression” and relate these to a patient whom the author had met…show more content…
This major mental health disorder encompasses a range of physical, behavioural and cognitive symptoms (Fava et al, 2004). These symptoms pose significant nursing problems when working with a person who has a diagnosis of depression. Emotional problems may promote feelings of worthlessness, which may hinder the persons’ ability to seek and receive help. Many patients who have depression feel that they are in a hopeless situation; that nothing can help them feel better and may often feel that they are undeserving of attention or help (Sherwood, Salkovskis & Rimes, 2007). This negative belief of being unworthy can delay a therapeutic relationship from being built, which could then have a detrimental effect on a persons’ road to recovery. As Jacobs (2003) says, “it is important to maintain good rapport, and build trust, as treatment adherence is heavily reliant on building an alliance between staff and patients”. People with depression may also experience thought of a suicidal nature which can be underpinned by family issues, clinical symptoms of depression and current relationships (Wilkinson et al, 2011). Lack of motivation is also another emotional factor which may pose a significant nursing problem when trying to nurse someone with depression. When a person loses their motivation, they lose the ability to perform tasks that they used to do regularly. This is a common problem in depression: when someone becomes depressed, they
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