Mental Illness In Schools

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Mental illness is one of the biggest challenges a person could ever have to go up against. In schools there are not many ways to help children and teenagers get through it unless they ask for help. How do we expect students to do good in school when their mental health is not in a good state? We need to put things in to place to be able to help these hurting kids. Many people would say that this is wrong but the good things far outweigh the bad, for example mental health records are private, so no one would be able to label a student (Briggs). Mental health screening can help professionals and parents identify children at risk for depression and suicidal urges. Bullying is one of the largest reasons for depression and suicidal thoughts in children and teenagers. Whether a person is being cyber bullied, verbally bullied or physically bullied it can all cause depression to the one being bullied. Schools are always trying to stop bullies which is very good, but if a person was bullied at some point in their life it is going to stick with them. It is much easier for humans to remember the bad things that someone said about them than the good things. If a student who has a mental illness due to or partly due to a bully, the mental illness might not…show more content…
Many times students get bullied for their mental health which is only harming them more. "Millions of children get bullied, but only a small fraction of them physically harm others--or themselves. We need to identify those kids, and offer them the help they deserve. The biggest bully in the room is mental illness. It's time we all stood up to it". Having mental health screenings in schools will help identify those children and teenagers, and the results of the mental health screenings will be kept private. When the students are able to get help at the a young age it will help them in the future
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