Mental Illness Is A Serious Growing Issue

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Introduction Mental illness is a serious growing issue, not only in the United States, but also around the world. It is estimated approximately forty-three million Americans suffer from a mental illness. The concerning issue however, is that the forty-three million estimated only represent those who have sought diagnosis. Therefore, there may still be a large number of individuals who remain undiagnosed (National Institute of Health, 2013). Although treatment may keep a disorder under control to a certain extent, many psychological disorders cannot be cured and often persist throughout a person’s lifetime. Thus the goal of treatment is to help an individual live a healthy more normal lifestyle. In order to develop additional medical treatment specifically medication in addition to psychotherapy the multiple disorders need to be further researched. Of the treatment that does exist, many people suffering from psychological disorders do not receive treatment at all; in fact, almost half of all diagnosed patients do not seek treatment (National Institute of Health, 2013). The ongoing research on the mechanisms behind most mental illnesses continues and although much progress has been made, there is still a large gap of missing knowledge that remains unknown. There are many common mental disorders that affect tens of millions of Americans every year. However, there are several mental disorders that are more commonly seen in recent times among adolescents including
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