Mental Illness Is Nothing But Brain Illness

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Mental Illness is Nothing But Brain Illness Is there anything more frustrating than finding out that scientific theories that were considered great ideas back then if applied to today’s world should be tossed away? These theories are not a secret and I can go on and on; but similar to these scientific theories, there is a theory about the mental illness are brain illnesses. This is not true because a mental illness is referred to as “a wide range of mental health conditions that affects your mood, thinking and behavior” (mayo clinic). In a recent edge article, Mental Illness is Nothing but Brain Illness”, which is written by Ian Gold and Joel Gold argue that mental illness and brain illness are two different things. For example, if we have a brain illness, it is only associated with the brain. In order to treat that brain illness, we just have to fix the damage done to the brain because the cause relies in the brain. On other hand, if we have a mental illness, it effects the brain; but it makes “references to the world outside the brain” (Gold). In order to understand and treat a mental illness, we have to “sometimes move outside the skull” because there are several causes (Gold). I agree with the writer that so much research is done on the brain, but none of it yet can help the mental illness’s patients. So, if we stop associating mental illness as brain illness and research on the main causes, we can prevent some people from getting a mental illness at all. This

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