Mental Illness, Mental, Trauma, And Treatment Of A Hospital

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It’s 2:52 PM and I have exactly eight minutes to get to work and get clocked in. As soon as I pull into work there are two ambulances which means we have at least two patients being admitted during my shift. Those who are unfamiliar with University Behavioral Hospital may often pass it up without realizing that it is even a hospital. It is quite narrow in size however, it is surprisingly long. Trauma, adolescence, military, adult, and psychiatric ICU are the five units the hospital comprises of. It was established in 2005, and we have patients that come in to the hospital with mild to severe mental illness, substance abuse issues, and a lot of the times both. Taylor, the receptionist is usually cheerful when I come in but today, she quickly informs me that it has been out of control on a couple of the units and even worse codes have been called all day. As I walk towards the clock in machine the schedules and assignment sheet sits right above it. That assignment sheet tells the nurses and Mental Health Techs, which is my job title what unit we are supposed to be on. Today, my scheduled unit is psychiatric ICU also known as PICU. When I finally make my way to the unit the nurse is on the intercom announcing “Code 10 on PICU, I repeat, code 10 on PICU!” Before I know it there are other techs from other units rushing onto our unit. I immediately drop my purse and bag off at the nurses’ station and run over to where all the action seems to be taking place. It’s Steven again,
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