Mental Illness Of Prison And Jail

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Mental illness is a very serious situation considering that many jails have more ill people that any hospital. Prisons are not set up for ill people. But they pick the mental ill people form the streets do to the fact they can not support them self. The main goal for this institution is to help out the mentally ill. Some inmate’s target the weak, and the inmates that need help would become easy prey. If an inmate even looks at an ill person it is a clear target that can easily be harmfully harassed. I am against mental ill inmates being in prison and jail considering that they can not defend them self.
For some passions is even worse do to the fact they don’t have any type of memory of their crime that they have done. Prisons are not really set up for ill people. More the half the prison population is of inmates with some type of illness. It is a sad reality that many don’t see. In every county jail there are more mentally ill then in a hospital. There has been many criminalization’s with the mentally ill. No one should be punished for having an illness instead they should be cured like any other person in need. Jail is not the answer in this situation dealing with someone that can not control their actions. Being in jail psychotic it’s a leaving hell. This is not an easy situation considering that the majority can not handle it. People with mental illness should be more kept watched at then the usual. Theirs a huge level in need that no one can turn their back to
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