Mental Illness

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When you turn on the news and see mass shootings, what do you think of? The thoughts that come to my mind are what could drive these people to hurt innocent citizens. There has to be some voice in these people’s heads telling them to pull back the trigger or a reason why they act out the way they do. Something in the biology of their human brain has malfunctioned. These people have a mental illness. In my paper I will informing you with the biology of a mental illness. The specific information of the biology of a mental illness I will be telling you about is what the biology of a mental illness it, diagnosing a mental illness, and how the biology of mental disorders has affected the world. To understand the biology of a mental…show more content…
Diagnosing a metal disorder is very important to the biology of a mental illness. Think about it, there could be a person walking the streets right now with a mental illness not diagnosed. This one person could be the next mass shooter at your school. This is very scary to think about isn’t it? Understand the importance of diagnosing a mental illness related to biology, because the next mass shooting could be your problem.
Mental disorders have affected the world in many ways. Mental disorders has helped us further understand the brain and human behavior, but on the other hand mental illness have caused people to act rationally and tainted many people both mental and physically. The biology of mental illnesses really helps people understand these actions caused by a mental illness or how they behave. Biology is furthering our understanding in many other fields of knowledge.
Biological Psychiatry helps us understand the behavior of someone who has a mental disorder by understanding the brain. For example according to, “As scientists continue to investigate mental illnesses and their causes, they learn more and more about how the biological processes that make the brain work are changed when a person has a mental illness……..Hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions occur every second in the brain; those reactions underlie the thoughts, actions, and behaviors with which we respond to
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