Mental Illness : The Vulnerable Population Essay

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A social need that is experienced by the vulnerable population is mentally illness. Mental illness clients in my opinion are the most neglected, as well as, the most vulnerable population and today time. The scope of the issues is that mental illness disorders as schizophrenia, bipolar and major depressive disorder, are disorders persistent that affect the brain. However, these disorders can cause a person to experience a sudden mood change. Also, people with these disorders may experience difficulties when it comes to relating with others for coping with the demands of how to deal with everyday life events. The history of having a mental illnesses disorder, can affect any persons no matter age, race, religion, or income. Then you have the economic problems that mental ill client’s faces like being vulnerable to discrimination in seeking and maintaining employment. People who suffer from this disorder, are deeply influenced by their immediate social surroundings. The possibilities earning a living for themselves still challenge and todays times. Furthermore, education will be another factor that will be limited with this disorder. This disorder requires psychotic medication which in most psychotic medications, it has several side effects and one of the common side effects is drowsiness, which as we all know attending high school or college require you to be alert. In addition, a lot of the mental ill people are homeless; like sleeping in unsafe places and that caused them
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