Mental Illness and Health Care for the Mentally Ill Essay

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Case Study Mental Illness has a broad spectrum in the definition of mental illness; any of various psychiatric conditions, usually characterized by impairment of an individual’s normal cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning, and caused by physiological or psychosocial factors. Also called mental disease, mental disorder. The broad definition also includes that a mental illness is dependent upon a society’s norm and whether corresponding behaviors go against these norms and whether corresponding behaviors considered ad either deviance or even as a mental illness. Mental illness is a disease in the mind and should be consider and treated as such. In the same manner that a physical illness it treated. Thus, considering…show more content…
With thinking this way provided that only the people with serious mental issues should be the ones institutionalized, and along with the development of many antipsychotic drugs, this reinforced the idea of deinstitutionalization. Many people had many opinion that exist upon this situation. Also there are those who stand by it, and on the other hand, many people oppose it because many former patients along with those who have cases that need treatment were affected, leaving them with no place to go – either living on the streets or in unstable living conditions. There are many individuals who are dosed with antipsychotic drugs to “treat” the problems, but instead, are left feeling much less human than can be fathomed, and are not receiving any type of care. To state that deinstitutionalization is a bad place is quite true in these days and times various benefits exist as well. Mental institutions are less crowded, and many individuals with mental illnesses are now living normal lives. There are many resources that exist in today’s society, the development of advocacy and support groups, which improves upon these people’s lives and increasing public access to necessary treatment and mental help programs. However, these generalizations do not apply to all mentally ill individuals. Even in places where community care has been thoughtfully conceived and adequately funded, some individuals have fared poorly. And given that there has been such great
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