Mental Illness is not an Adjective to Describe People

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Mental illness is the largest health problem that is generally viewed as least important or least impacting. My generation has a bad habit of using mental illnesses as adjectives; she’s so bipolar or that’s retarded. What people don't understand is that mental illness is one of the largest leading health problem in America. Mental illness is an ever growing problem that affects all types of people all across the world. In order to make others understand the gravity of mental illness we must answer, what is mental illness? Mental illness is a medical condition or disorder that disrupts a person's thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning (NAMI). Mental health concerns can become a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause stress and affect a persons ability to function (Definition). Next, facts about mental illness in America alone. One in four adults, which is about 61.5 million Americans, experience mental illness in a given year. One in seventeen, about 13.6 million, live with a serious mental illness. Serious mental illness cost America $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year. Mood disorders, like depression, are the third most common cause of hospitalization in the U.S. for both youth and adults ages 18 to 44. Last, but not least, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S. (more common than homicide) and the third leading cause of death of ages 15 to 24 years. More than 90 percent of those who

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