Mental Illnesses Are Humiliating Research Paper

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Mental illnesses are humiliating. It turns intelligent and ambitious people into walking robots who cannot even microwave pre-made food or take a shower. The ability to feel love, think clearly and dream is long gone. It changes your minds ability to cope with dark days and dark times. Mental illnesses are humiliating. Being in social situations, who earlier gave you joy, is now the most dreadful thing you can think about. Your friends turn into enemies, because they ask the questions you are searching an answer for. Mental illnesses are humiliating. You put everything in your life on hold, because your body can’t find the energy to function, let alone vacuum the floor. You are a hopeless case, and you know it. There is nothing you can do to…show more content…
Looking your mom in the eye while she talks is physically impossible. You don’t trust anyone that tells you “it will get better”, because how will it get better? You are ashamed. You feel guilty. Mental illnesses are humiliating. No No one chooses to deal with depression or anxiety, needless to say, no one deserves it. On of the most important advice that I was given as a child, and the one that has stuck with me the longest, is that you should never judge a person if you don’t know their full story. I try to look at people from every possible perspective, to never judge too quickly or jump to conclusions. People who are suffering from mental illnesses are often labeled as lazy or failures. People think that mental diseases are a matter of character, a matter of mood. They believe that anxiety is a form of being nervous, that depression is the same as being sad. It is almost like they believe that it is something you have a choice over. The most insensitive ones are constantly critiquing the most vulnerable people. To But to you reading this right now, please don’t be dumb enough to believe that you know a person´s personality after observing them for a few moments. Because you cannot. You have absolutely no idea what they have gone, or are going thru. Maybe they lost their mother a weak ago, maybe they abuse sleeping pills
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