Mental Illnessness

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The article entitled Police Encounters Involving Citizens With Mental Illness: Use of Resources and Outcomes is a paper that studies 6,128 police interventions in Montreal, Québec, Canada. The main objective of the paper was to compare the characteristics of police interventions with individuals who had mental illness and those were not mentally ill. The motivation behind this hypothesis was that the authors had noted that there was little research done about the use of resources in police interventions with those with mental illness, although there was an abundance of research compiled about the arrest rate after police intervention of those with mental illness. The two things known about the use of intervention with those who are…show more content…
So it can be assumed that the authors could have had a prediction that those with mental illness would have a higher arrest rate because of the criminalization of mental illness as well more likely to be arrest for minor crimes. Lastly, their hypothesis is one that didn’t need results to prove it incorrect or correct as it was simply a comparison between two groups within the data collection.
The study was conducted through 6,128 police interventions in Montreal, Québec that was analyzed through a retrospective analysis of police logs for three days in 2006; February 1, April 25, and July 7. The independent variable of this study was police interventions with persons with or without mental illness and the dependent variable were the characteristics of police interventions. Police interventions characterized by those with mental illness were identified by three main criteria: address of the caller and of the intervention, the code for reason of the event, and a content analysis of keywords related to mental health in the intervention logs. The characteristics of police interventions were operationalized by through reason, use of resources and arrest. Reason was operationalized by event codes by categorized into six themes and severity code. Use of resources was operationalized as the duration of the intervention and the number of police officers. Lastly, arrest was operationalized as police officers at

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