Mental Machine Music Essay

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Mental Machine Music was not created to make a profit like a regular album, it was created because Reed needed to produce one more album with his record company, ACR Records. This is not the only reason why the album was released, the album was mostly produced for the critics and to induce a reaction from them, even to this day doing a simple google search every music ranking site gives Mental Machine Music one out of five stars every single site, this of course still remains in the realm of the music industry. The album was widely consisted to be a joke in the music industry, and is partially still to this day. Reed lost his credibility as a recording artist for a while, yet Mental Machine Music opened up doors for this more of his experimental…show more content…
Like many genres of contemporary art, sound art is interdisciplinary in nature, or takes on hybrid forms” There is a distinct difference in the way a person choise to listen to sound art versus music, both are made or genuinely made to connect to the listener. Yet sound art is listened to in a setting that the listener doesn't have much control over (ie a gallery or pop up art space), music on the other hand is listened to at homes, there is more of a comforting relationship with music then sound art. Metal Machine Music distortion of guitars a with no consistent rhythm doesn’t allow the listener to follow along with the noise it sorta just happens to them, with songs the listener can anticipate the melody and participate with the music and be apart of the overall experience. This is where Metal Machine Music doesn’t follow the rules of music because the album makes the listener want to leave the room, it isn't something that you would play for you group of friends or play in the background while studying. Metal Machine Music commands too much attention, even Reed couldn't bring himself to listen to all of
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