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Mental Model/ Mindsets Paper OI/ 361 August 6, 2013 Mental Model/ Mindset Paper Change is an everyday occurrence in life. Individuals are not always in agreement with change because of their mental models or mindsets. These terms describe the brain processes to make sense of what is happening in an individual's environment. This poses a challenge for organizations because some creative ideas may be the steppingstones for progress, success, or provide the competitive edge. AAA Transportation in Waukegan, Wisconsin; an interstate trucking company specializing in transporting wholesale produce in climate controlled trailers is facing reluctance in the proposed change in services offered by the new owner. As a human resources (HR)…show more content…
Four steps to changing mental models or mindsets may help in this situation. 1. Understand the power of and limits of mental models 2. Test the relevance of mental models against the changing environment 3. Overcome inhibitors to change by reshaping the infrastructure and thinking of others 4. Transform and individual’s world by acting quickly upon the new models, experimenting constantly, and applying a process continuously to assess and strengthen models. These steps are derived from "The Power of Impossible Thinking," and they are tools to aid in making impossible thinking possible (Wind, Crook, & Gunther, 2005). Each person has her or her own mindsets; this comes from the influences from childhood through adolescence, and adulthood. This is part of step one in understanding the power of and limits. Vernon and Bud are resistant to change, and they need to understand that change is for the good of the company and the status quo breeds failure. Step two tests if Vernon and Bud's mindset or models fit in the organization. They do not want to move forward based on their assumptions and need to understand that they are valuable employees with 20 years at the company. This step creates an opportunity to remind them of the successful changes thus far, and they must change with the environment to remain competitive Step three covers the notion that they do not represent the entire organization in their beliefs,
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