Mental Prowess Of Professional Athletes

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On the first hole at Kansas Golf Club I found myself pacing back and forth. Wiping the perspiration from my forehead, all sense of composure slowly surrendered to a not so ordinary nervousness. Don 't get me wrong, I had always been the “nervous” athlete, one that admired the mental prowess of professional athletes. Glorifying others’ attributes surely obstructed enhancement of my own. As the announcer recited my name to the small crowd I pushed my golf tee into the ground, what a magical feeling. My arms swung backward, this was it; I could not embarrass myself. This marked the beginning of my journey, elevating nervous feelings to performance threatening levels. Preventing the inevitable meltdown had been my worst enemy. I often questioned the meaning behind this inner turmoil, but never considered it a priority. I was on the brink of collapse. Was this new found anxiety a reflection of unconscious inclination? After years of subjective contemplation I arrived at one hypothesis: I lacked the experience and ability to outplay failure during adverse situations. Fixed between years of uncompromising commitment to golf and a college golf was an adverse situation. I had never been in the position to win on the last day, no experience of failure to guide me home. In the pursuit of self actualization one must succumb to adversity, experience failure, while maintaining unparalleled obstinacy It would be hard to miss the bold red letters reading "EMERGENCY ROOM" while driving

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