Mental State And Development Of The Child

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Does mama really know what 's best all the time? No parent wants to see their child fail or have uncertainties on if their child is going to succeed. As a parent, it is your paternal nature to be involved in your child 's life. Though if parents put aside their intentions and expectations, they will be able to reevaluate whether being over-involved in their child 's life is truly doing more harm than good. For the reasons that it leaves the child crippled with dependence, can stunt their emotional and cognitive development, and increase the risks of anxiety and depression. The term “Helicopter parent” is defined as parents who over discipline, over protect and have an iron fist with their child. Though this constant hovering over their…show more content…
They don’t fully comprehend what it means to be confident in themselves, this affects their self-esteem. Experiencing struggle is also a gateway to experiencing failure. Without those experiences children can develop a paralyzing fear of failure and feeling inadequate in others eyes. Both the low self-confidence and the fear of failure can lead to depression or anxiety. A 2011 study by Terri LeMoyne and Tom Buchanan at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga focused on more than 300 students with “helicopter” parents. They found that these kids are more likely to be medicated for anxiety and/or depression. The anxiety and depression derives from the child 's deprivation of experiences, basic skills, decision-making, and independence due to this overbearing parenting style. Helicopter parents have a tendency to shield their children from all harm 's way, even from the smallest things. This can result in a child who is too discouraged and intimidated by the world to go out and succeed in it . They may shy away from social activities disallowing them to socialize and make many friends. Depression is another major outcome of overprotective parents. Depression emerges from the anxiety of being afraid of the world when still yearning to be apart of it. Its as if kids are at a mental war with their depression and anxiety. In 1983 Howard Gardner defined how our emotional and
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