Mental Toughness

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The importance and implications of mental toughness:

Mental toughness is having the natural or developed psychological edge that enables you to:

➢ Generally cope better than your opponents with the many demands (e.g.; competition, training, lifestyle.) that are placed on you as a performer.

➢ Specifically to be more consistent and better than your opponents in remaining determined, focused, confident, resilient, and in control under pressure (Jones et al, 2002.)

Those within the sports world who have high levels of mental toughness are more likely to be more successful competitively than those of a lower scale.
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Higher Scale

Good at prioritising, time management, planning

Can multi-task
Believe they make a difference
Problem solvers

Lower Scale

Poor time management
Will not apply pressure to people
Panic when given tasks
Blame outside factors for lack of success

COMMIMTMENT: Measures an individual’s ability to carry out tasks despite any obstacles that may arise. Sometimes described as ‘Stickability’.

Higher Scale

Maintains focus

Will prioritise effort/activities
Likes goal setting, when achieved show success
Prepared to do what it takes/works long hours

Lower Scale

Become easily distracted

Will avoid/miss targets
Will do the absolute minimum
Easily bored

CONFIDENCE: Measures the degree we have of self-belief to successfully complete tasks. At the other end of the scale individuals will be unsettled by setbacks. This also have 2 subscales

Confidence in Abilities: A measure of self esteem

Higher Scale

Believe they are right even if they are wrong

Believe they are truly worthwhile people
Happy to ask questions
Tend to be optimistic about life

Lower Scale

Low self-belief/ inner belief missing

Produce minimal responses

Reluctant to ask questions

Reluctant to do presentation/oral work

Interpersonal Confidence: A measure of self-esteem

Higher Scale

Tend to be more assertive

Able to cope better with awkward/difficult people
Can be aggressive