Mental Violence And Its Effects On Children

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Vignette; Chris and Christi have sought the help of a therapist because their children, Victoria 17, Chris Jr 16, and David 14, have been undergoing escalating anger issues and violence over the past year or so and it has reached the point that the entire family cannot take it anymore. Victoria is the oldest and has always been an exemplary student and a good sister to her younger brothers CJ and David. CJ and David are typical teenage brothers who normally get along with the occasional fight thrown in. David has been withdrawn as of late and he and CJ have stepped up their physical violence in addition to their arguments. Victoria has been pulled in-between the brothers trying to be the peacekeeper. When it came to light that David was experiment with drugs, skipping school and he was failing most of his classes he became angry and resentful. David believes that he was being pick on as he is just following in his older brothers footsteps. CJ’s experimenting with drugs was very limited and short term and did not result in her skipping classes or failing any classes. Christi has tried to handle her angry boys with the help of her daughter. Christi had taken all of David’s privileges away including his cell phone and computer, as well as restricting him to home. David is very angry about this and his anger explodes of everyone around him. Victoria feels caught in the middle of her mom and her brothers and tries to smooth things out but it tired of the problems…
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