Mental Violence And Its Effects On Children

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Vignette; Chris and Christi have sought the help of a therapist because their children, Victoria 17, Chris Jr 16, and David 14, have been undergoing escalating anger issues and violence over the past year or so and it has reached the point that the entire family cannot take it anymore. Victoria is the oldest and has always been an exemplary student and a good sister to her younger brothers CJ and David. CJ and David are typical teenage brothers who normally get along with the occasional fight thrown in. David has been withdrawn as of late and he and CJ have stepped up their physical violence in addition to their arguments. Victoria has been pulled in-between the brothers trying to be the peacekeeper. When it came to light that David…show more content…
Christi feels that Chris needs to be fully engaged in the family’s problems now that he has returned from his naval deployment. Chris has been deployed so long and so frequently that he has a real emotional disconnect from the entire family.
Case conceptualization and hypothesis; the family is experiencing complete communication failure and are emotionally reactive to the events taking place. They are responding to one another in long established patterns based on past experiences and their own preconceived concepts. It appears that David the youngest son is angry because he feels he is being unfairly punished for his behavior when CJ previously did the same thing. Christi has tried to tell David that what he is doing is much more dangerous and extreme that what his brother did. David is either very withdrawn around his family or lashes out in anger. It appears CJ is angry with his brother for involving him in David’s problem, all of this had Victoria feeling caught between everyone. Chris seems to feel as if he has been gone for so long that he is not sure how to reinsert himself back into the family without causing more trouble. Christi is connected to her family and their problems but appears to be at a loss as to what she needs to do to alleviate the problems and she also wants the support and assistance of Chris.

Experiential therapists do not focus on the actual problems themselves rather they direct their efforts in increasing family
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