Mentally Ill Inmates Challenges

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Mentally ill inmates face and go through many challenges every day in the correctional service system. They face cautious situations on a daily base. The adjustments on caring for them are expensive and take time for the mentally ill inmates to develop. However, the assistance they get is more than beneficial for them. The mentally ill inmates all have different characteristics and face tough challenges that are complicated to cope with. For starters, they are a danger to not only themselves, but others around them, as well. One thing that’s for sure is that they think differently from the rest of the other inmates. So adapting to a new atmosphere is a difficult task for the mentally ill. It’s very difficult for them to comprehend that that’s where they’re gonna be in from now on for a while (it depends on how much time they’re serving) so they find it easier to if they’ll commit suicide. The thought of committing suicide doesn’t just come…show more content…
They need a much higher training than the basic one they go through. The right kind of proper training involves about 40 hours spent in lecture, hands-on training, and role-played scenarios. Some scenarios are raw and uncomfortable, but will help officers understand how they should handle people suffering from a psychotic hallucination or other mental breakdown. The employees have got to be prepared for what goes down all of a sudden. They got to expect the unexpected. They also need to have the right proper care to give to the mentally ill inmates. One wrong move or word and the mentally ill inmate can and will go insane and start causing chaos. Mentally ill inmates also have special jail/prison cells. The cell is more secure, it’s safety proof. The mentally ill inmates are less likely to harm themselves in the specially designed cells than they would in a regular
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