Mentally Ill People Should Be Forced To Take Medication

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People’s rights are important, just as peoples’ safety, but what if the two contradict each other, especially when discussing people who suffer from mental illness. When we talk about severely mentally ill people, should we be more concerned about the particular person, or what the mental illness is capable of doing to the person. Debates and serious conversation have been sparked by the simple question that most people are yearning for an answer to: should the mentally ill be forced to take medication. Both sides of the argument makes points that make you think about ethics, and decent human rights. Those who argue that the severely mentally ill should be forced to take medicine stand on the point that they are thinking about the best interest of the person. Author Natsha Tracey is one of those people who vehemently believe this. To better understand this stance, the pro force medication side made an analogy that compared someone getting into a horrific car accident and getting treated immediately by doctors without their consent, and a…show more content…
This side points out that people who have cancer and refuse to take chemotherapy—something that could possibly save their lives don’t get any backlash and there is practically no questions asked, but when someone who is mentally ill refuses to take medication there’s an entire debate around it, and there shouldn’t be. Chemotherapy has harmful side effects, just as some antipsychotic medications, but why do cancer patients get to choose to deny a possible lifesaver and mentally ill people don’t? Is it the stigma that has been made about mentally ill people that have been around for years provoking the idea that the mentally ill people shouldn’t have the right to choose? If we ignore the patient, “the patients voice once again threatens to become silenced” (Grohol, Foreced
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