Mentally Ill Persuasive Speech

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In our society, there are those of us that require treatment for something other than broken bones or diseases. Mental health is one of those issues that few people are willing to face. If someone has a cast on their leg, you can see immediately what is wrong with them; with mental illness, it is difficult to know what to say, or do. In Canada, one in five people will suffer a mental illness. That translates into 4.5 million people, just in Canada. This is why we need to talk about Mental illness and try to remove the stigma. Today I am going to be talking to the class about why Nick, Shane and I feel that detaining the mentally ill is correct, and not detaining the mentally is wrong. To start off with, when any of you get sick or hurt…show more content…
Treatment for a mentally ill patient is not one size fits all. They try to make each patient's health plan fit to their needs to help them get better and learn how to cope with their mental illness. In Canada, when a mentally ill patient is detained, they are offered three types of treatment. Psychological therapy, Medication, and community support programs. The psychological therapy treatment is a doctor, psychologist or other health professional talks with the patient about their symptoms and concerns of treating their mental illness. The next type of treatment is medication. Some people are helped by taking medication for a short period of time while; others may need it on an ongoing basis. The doctor will explain the benefits and possible side-effects of medication before it is prescribed. And lastly, there is community support groups. Everyone needs support to get through challenges. Support programs are especially important for people with mental illness. They need to know that their family and friends will be there to support them throughout the treatment. As you can tell mental illness is a big deal, and are society is now starting to realize that people with a mental illness need are help. They need to be detained to receive the help and care they need to get better. Detaining the mentally is not wrong, it is the right thing to do if we want to help people
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