Mentor Benefits

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There are many benefits that come with mentoring such as working with special needs kids, making new friendships, working in a college atmosphere and teaching underclassmen different topics to help not only educate them but also guide them in right directions. The mentor program is very empowering to many people and eye opening. Not only are us the mentors teaching other kids important life lessons and such not, but we are as well learning important life lessons along the way that we will remember forever. When running groups many things can go wrong but many things can go good as well. The success factor in a group doesn’t just depend on the people in your group or the mentee it also depends on the mentor. If the mentor isn't very into the topic the mentee’s wont be into it either. Why would you be excited to learn about something if the person who is teaching you is acting like it is so dumb. The most important thing I learned about running a good group is to alway be in or pretend to be into the topic no matter how much…show more content…
Someone people might feel embarrassed in an activity we play or might relate to a topic very well and not like talking about it. If someone is uncomfortable they are not going to want to do something especially in front of there peers and an upperclassmen. Groups would be welcoming and have a welcoming environment but some people can be more shy than others and thats okay. If you are then you just have to work up to it and get use to the people and setting. Another reason someone might not want to participate is because they have that “Im too cool to do this” type attitude. Thankfully I did not have to deal with anyone like this so far but I know my time will come and I'm thankful I will be more experienced, but it is possible someone will refuse to do an activity or talk about a certain topic because they think they are too cool to do it or talk about
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