Mentor Daily Expectation

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1. What are your mentors daily expectations of you? My mentor's daily expectations of me is to be able to focus on the task given, whether it be assisting a student in returning or checking out a book, restocking books on the shelves, decorating the showcase room, or filing. I must also be able to assist students with printing documents, and guiding them if they cannot accomplish the task on their own. I must also be aware of students who are signing in to use the library, especially during study hall hours, as their is a maximum time as to how long they are allowed to stay (approximately 45 minutes). In relation to signing in as well, I must ensure every student, apart from their lunch break, has a pass that is signed and has their name…show more content…
Verbal communication involves class discussions, answering questions in class, and even reading text aloud for everyone to gain a better understanding of what they are reading. Verbal also involves speaking with your teacher, and asking for help when a topic is not understood or a problem is causing confusion. The teacher must also communicate verbally with his or her students, asking them questions based off of their class discussions or school wise. Written communication can be through essay-writing, report cards, e-mail (a query or explanation of a topic), or through an online school website such as Edmodo or 'Remind' to help remind the students of homework, school events, and missed class activities due to a student's absence. Non-verbal involves both student and teacher's body language, which can reflect their attitude for wanting to learn and wanting to teach or help. A student must sit upright and be alert during class sessions, which gives both the teacher and student a positive attitude as the teacher can know that the student wants to learn. A teacher must also acknowledge students and be interactive with their class, as it can give the students positive attitudes. These forms of communication all lead to the development of the student and teacher, and is required
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