Mentor New Leaders Within Your Organization

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As a leader, it is important to mentor new leaders within your organization. Encouraging confidence in the new leaders will help establish competence in their field. Competence can also be achieved when an education has been invested in the new leader’s future. With the new knowledge of skills and education, the new leader will feel self-confident in the leadership position. After the establishment of self-confidence, the mentoring of the new leader must continue to set a precedent of continued support. The continued support will further strengthen the new leaders in their capabilities. Encourage Confidence in New Leaders Common causes that can contribute to a new leader feeling inadequate include, a lack of resources and lack of knowledge to feel confident in their new position. These concerns could lead to feeling overwhelmed and could sabotage the performance of the new leader. Unfortunately, when resources are available, but the leader still lacks the self-confidence to take advantage the same problem will occur. Kouzes (2012) explains “[d]eveloping competence and building confidence are essential to delivering on the organization’s promises and maintaining the credibility of leaders and team members alike.” For a company to exhibit exemplary performance an investment in the quality of leaders and staff must be executed. The term “co-active leader in front” is defined as a leader that nurtures relationships with their subordinates (Kimsey-House &

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