Mentor 's Department And Responsibilities

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Mentor’s Department and Responsibilities My mentor’s title is the Internet Manager for ProResponse, Inc.; this position deals with managing the website of the organization, the process involved in making the entry system work for the car and RV dealerships, the formulation of the multiple correspondence between the customers of the dealerships and the salespeople themselves, the education and training of the dealerships into using our products and services, and the like. However, since ProResponse, Inc. is more of an organic, simple structure organization, she wears multiple hats. “Simple structure organization is characterized by a low degree of departmentalization, wide spans of control, authority centralized in a single person, and…show more content…
Interactive Style (The Impressors) Place One of the many responsibilities residing in my mentor’s department is the formulation of new ideas or processes aimed at improving the effectiveness of the correspondence between the salespeople and their customers or other important segments of the organization such as the communication between our customer service representatives and the dealerships as our clients. Here is where the Impressor types of the Interactive styles can flourish, because of the many characteristics of the business life they enjoy is the brainstorming of new ideas with different colleagues, and they enjoy changes and innovations to an organization. This would be essential in my mentor’s department, given that on multiple occasions she is forced to think off the fly of how to implement and effectively carry out new processes. The other positive thing about the multiple projects that require an innovative mind is that there is little room for highly specific details when it comes to expectations. Interactives prefer to have environments that only give more of the general expectations to encourage more “big picture” thinking. Another responsibility she has is the complete confidence of the dealerships’ owners and managers relevant to the
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