Mentoring And The Goal Of Success Essay

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Mentoring can be defined as “simply advice from a respected, experienced person provided to someone who needs help” (Heller & Sindelar, 2011, p. 7). Is that really all mentoring is? Is mentoring “simply advice” and if that is all it is, what is the point of teacher mentoring? If I wanted a new student in my class to be successful would I need to help them transition to my class and share with them the ins and outs of the class or would I just have them show up in a uniform and magically know what to do? As a teacher, I would have a list of items in mind all with the intention of supporting the new student and I would also have ways to monitor and continue that support with the goal of success for that student. Mentoring is a necessary part of any classroom or even for any job where an employer hopes to fill a position with a highly qualified person and intends to set them up for success. Catholic schools need strong mentoring programs that not only support the retention of highly qualified teachers but also mentor them in multileveled ways.
It is the responsibility of the chief administrator in a school to be to be the faith leader and to be committed to teaching in light of the Gospels.
The role of the faith leader may be divided into tow parts: the spiritual attributes that a person brings to the job through a personal faith experience, and the pastoral competencies to create a prayer environment, develop a sense of community service, witness to the faith, and integrate

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