Mentoring For Mentoring Development Program

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Get M.A.D. Global is exactly how we at Get M.A.D. intend to be, global. As we are intending to be established outside of South Carolina as the leader in mentoring solutions for all, we will be planning to extend our services globally. Our overall focus is mentoring! What is mentoring and why is it important? By understanding mentoring and why it’s important we will be able to formulate a mentoring methodology for our mentoring development program. This is important because, not only is mentoring important here in the United States, it’s equally important in other parts of the world.
Organization Description Get M.A.D. Global is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose goal is to build positive relationships with individuals to motivate and empower them to achieve their dreams through a professionally trained network of volunteer mentors. Get M.A.D. Global seeks to serve as a motivational movement by recruiting and deploying trained professional mentors to create environments of success within communities globally to help individuals build self-reliance academically, socially, physically, spiritually and economically (Greene Street Designs, 2015).

Mission Statement/Goals & Objectives The mission of Get M.A.D. Global is to empower youth in communities across the world to achieve their dreams and understand their value through advocating, education, career readiness, outreach and mentoring support groups. Our mission is to also motivate and empower other individuals to…
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