Mentoring Newly Qualified Dentists

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Mentoring Dentist: Mentoring newly qualified dentists in the profession is one of the major and best ways of giving back to dentistry. The need for mentoring in this practice is necessitated by several factors including the dramatic increase in the size of the applicant pool over the past decade, which has contributed to significant challenges in the admissions process. Actually, the line of newly qualified dentists and desiring dentists has continued to grow and become quite long. Through mentoring, newly qualified professionals in dentistry receive timely help that result in success in application as dental students and eventual dental practitioners. The other factor contributing to the need for mentoring in the dentistry profession is the fact that these practitioners are vulnerable to discontentment, disillusionment, and probable burn out. Therefore, mentoring provides them with an opportunity to guard themselves against these negatives effects while benefiting them in the beginning of their career. The Concept of Mentoring: The concept of mentoring is relatively difficult to define because of the complexities associated with the process and the different interpretations it generates from different people. However, mentoring is basically considered as the process of helping an individual through a significant transition like coping with a new condition (McKimm, Jollie & Hatter, 2007). As a result, a mentor is regarded as an individual who helps another to become what

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